Review – Moab’s “Billow”


The new album from Californian stoner rock band MOAB, Billow, is now available to download… and it’s free! If you are that kind of person that only buys expensive stuff, thinking they’re better because they’re expensive, well, you should change your approach and take my free advice: this is one of the best albums you’re gonna listen to in 2014!

King Diamond used to say the number nine is a magical number. Well, in this case MOAB presents us nine songs. Nine magical songs. And in case you’re asking yourself that mean question, the answer is NO! This album has no freaking fillers whatsoever!

First song, “Said It Would”, makes me think of the main force of this band: the ability to surprise you! The song starts and it sounds like a group of furious elephants are coming towards you. However, when the singer comes in it’s like a 180 degree turn. The use of different sounds and the attention to detail will probably make you Google to check who produced the album (please let me know if you find out).

If you heard “I Concede” before you’ll recognize the surf music vibe and the magnificent Ozzyish vocals. Before the song ends, you have also a very cool John Bonham style drum solo part. What else can you ask for?

“Whittled Away” is another well-known great song, with QOTSA influences and riffs that are heavy as the heaviest thing you can think of.

The bloodbath continues with “No Soul”, the first song I ever heard from MOAB. What a great song! Enough to say it’s the song that made me keep tuned for anything they’d eventually put out.

“Burn Maria” has kinda religious felling and the Ozzyish vocals again in the middle part. Pretty cool though. The intro for the next song, “Nothing Escapes”, will make you think of Randy Rhoads and the melodic lines sound like The Beatles turned into zombies and recorded a song for the upcoming Tarantino movie.

“Made To Wait”, the song number 7, has some Ozzy meets QOSTA nice riffs, and the number 8, “Under All”, shows all the exquisite contrast between the high pitch vocals and really low guitar chords. Great stuff!

The album ends on a high note with “The Softest Bait”. This song makes you daydream about the riffs Tony Iommi composed for Heaven and Hell and forgot to use it, and having Ozzy (again!) instead of Dio on the lead vocals.

I have to admit that even if I mentioned Ozzy / Sabbath / QOTSA a couple of times, MOAB is miles away from a copycat band. They are able to keep their signature to all of the 9 ass-kicking songs and they’ll make you pray for them to come your way for a live show… well, I’ve already started my prayers! Come to the Moon! Come to the Moon! Come to the Moon!


Download the album (free) from ScionAV’s page here:


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